Science & Entrepreneurship

Students in our science and entrepreneurship program

  • Had a 100% placement rate within 3 months of graduation into a job in a related discipline.

  • Frequently place in the top 100 of the Business Strategy Game- a competition of over 3,000 groups globally.
  • Completed research on bee hive collapse investigating a potential connection with local insecticides.
  • Interned at Interventional Pain Consultants.
  • Work as Dental Insurance Sales Representatives, Agricultural Business Assistants, and OMS Preferred Resident Coordinators.

This program is one of few in the nation.  As we look to the future our scientists need to be skilled in multiple disciplines.  A background in entrepreneurial studies will be prepare you to be at the forefront of business opportunities in the field of science.  To obtain your Bachelor of Science in Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Saint Francis, you must complete the following courses:

  • Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 141)
  • Principles of Chemistry II (CHEM 142)
  • Principles of Biology 1 (BIOL 190)
  • Principles of Biology 2 (BIOL 191)
  • Physics I (SCIE 257)
  • Physics II (SCIE 258)
  • Introduction to Environmental Science (ENVS 232)
  • Introduction to Business (BUS 101)
  • QuickBooks for Entrepreneurs (BUS 205)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (BUS 275)
  • Introduction to Marketing (BUS 281)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance (BUS 380)
  • Business Systems Analysis and Design (BUS 489)
  • Chemistry Seminar (CHEM 480 and 481) – eight semesters
  • Directed electives