The Department of Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Saint Francis offers minors in

  • Applied Forensics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Scientific Mathematics

Why Consider a Minor?

1. Optimize your time in College

A minor does not usually take much extra work and provides lasting benefits for your future.

2. Enhances your Enjoyment

A minor allows you to learn more about a subject you are interested or passionate about, enhancing your enjoyment while working towards the requirements of your major.

3.  Additional Specialization

Students often find they love the field their minor is in and so then pursue the additional classes needed to graduate with two degrees or majors, further enhancing their career opportunities.

 4. Maximize your Career Options

A minor adds to your expertise allowing you to pursue a career related to either your major or minor, multiplying your possible career opportunities.

5. Increase Your Employment Opportunities

A minor enhances your appeal to potential employers, setting you apart from other applicants. It demonstrates that you were willing to take the extra effort to broaden your knowledge base and pursue more than one interest.

Chemistry Minor

To earn a minor in Chemistry, you must complete the following courses:

  • Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM 141)
  • Principles of Chemistry II (CHEM 142)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 241)
  • Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 242)
  • Electives – eight hours of upper-level Chemistry courses

Applied Forensics Minor

To earn a minor in Applied Forensics, you must complete the following courses:

  • Introduction to Forensics (FORE 101)
  • Criminal Evidence (FORE 201)
  • Expert Witness Testimony (FORE 301)
  • Forensic Practicum (FORE 440)
  • Electives- nine hours of cross-disciplinary courses