The Mathematics program at the University of Saint Francis will give you the opportunity to master one of the most versatile, difficult, useful and interesting types of human knowledge and skill in the best professional environment. Taught from a foundation of Franciscan values with maximum creativity and a wide variety of resources, a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics will immediately qualify you for a broad range of careers.

How central is this program’s purpose to the USF mission, vision and core values?

This program expands the diversity of offered programs for liberal art education at USF and attracts students with strong mathematical and logical abilities.

How does the program support the Franciscan Charisma? What potential does the program have to strengthen USF’s involvement in community issues?

This program gives you opportunities to master one of the most versatile and, at the same time, difficult, always useful and interesting types of human knowledge and skills. You’ll learn in the best professional environment, with maximum creativity and have access to a wide variety of resources provided by a comprehensive Catholic institution. This program is a corresponding response to community requests to improve the nation’s mathematical education, which is currently 23rd in the world and continues to deteriorate every year. Given the chronic shortage of specialists with mathematical preparation, the Mathematics program underscores USF’s commitment to providing an intellectual workforce for the region as well as nation.

What is the current and future demand for the program?

The U.S. is experiencing a chronic shortage of qualified math educators, math researchers, statisticians, actuaries, commodities traders, quantitative and bank analysts, appraisers, designers, pollsters, epidemiologists, simulators and other specialists with mandatory mathematical backgrounds. There is great demand today for individuals with strong analytical skills and experience in problem solving, logical reasoning and their applications based on modern technology. (You should have no problem landing a job after graduation!)

How does the program support the needs of the community for a professional workforce?

With a liberal arts bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, you will be immediately qualified for a broad range of careers in sciences, business, industry, government, computer sciences and teaching.

What resources are available in the program?

You will have access to classroom and library facilities, and a fully equipped computer center for computer-assisted Mathematics courses. You can also take advantage of the Mathematics Tutoring Center. In addition, Mathematics faculty members are committed to quality and innovative teaching in small classes, careful advising, and promoting your development and considering your needs as an individual.

Activities with our Program!

Please come join us for our Annual Math Competition.  Each year we hold two american mathematics competition test.


In the fall the test is for students in grades 5 through 8 .  The grades 5-8 exam will take place on November 13th at 6 PM.  There is a preparatory session on Nov 7th at 6 PM that will go over practice problems.  Please join us in Doermer 156A-B for this competition.

Flyer AMC 2018

Announcement AMC 2018

AMC 10

In the spring the test is for students in grades 9 through 12. This exam will take place on February 7th at 6 PM.  There is a preparatory session on Jan. 31 st at 6 PM in Doermer 226, that will go over practice problems.