Computer Science

Game and Application Development

From personal computers to cell phones, everyone is using interactive software. In this program you will gain skills to prepare you for developing a variety of software for games, training modules, phone apps and certification modules.

Computer Information Systems

Companies are in need of people who can work as intermediaries between their technical teams and upper level management during the implementation of computer software systems. As a Computer Information Systems’ graduate, you will understand key technologies and practices related to large data and associated physical systems, while also having a solid foundation in management.

Project-Based Learning

USF incorporates project-based learning in computer science coursework. You will learn sophisticated software applications and advanced hardware in a unique environment. By experiencing and sharing knowledge and ideas in realistic scenarios, you and fellow students develop solutions together in the classroom.

Real-World Experience

Internships and other mentoring opportunities with local businesses and organizations provide the hands-on experience in a variety of business and media disciplines necessary to prepare you for your career. In addition, important network connections will stay with you through graduation and beyond.

What USF Offers

  • Modern information technology training within a framework of Catholic and Franciscan ethics
  • A strong network of external partnerships
  • Career opportunities in high-demand fields

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