Annual USF Research Exhibition

REXREX is an opportunity for our students and faculty to share their research. REX is an evening that highlights our students’ scholarship through a keynote speaker, a poster session, other displays of scholarships, a creative writing panel and short presentations. The evening will begin with the keynote speaker and be followed by short oral presentations and the creative writing panel.  Then posters and other displays of scholarship will be shared. The posters are judged by local scientists, potential employers, alumni, and faculty.  The posters are evaluated on both content and presentation.  In preparation for the poster competition a poster workshop will be available for students to receive feedback and assistance with their poster.  REX is open to the USF community and the general public.

The following video highlights the poster session portion of REX:

Examples of Previous Years’ Poster Topics Include:

  • The Problem of Spiritual Healing
  • The Effect of Effleurage Massage on Pain, Anxiety and Vital Signs in Chemotherapy Patients
  • Expert Witnesses in the Courts
  • Abraham Lincoln’s View on Slavery
  • A Bioassessment of the Fish Population in the Ohio River near Zimmer Power Plant
  • The Greenery of the Blue Hole: A Vegetative Cover Study of Blue Hole Cay, Andros Island, Bahamas

Examples of Other Forms of Displayable Scholarship:

  • Dioramas
  • Scale Models
  • Works of Art

2019 Research Exhibition Details

Plenary Speaker Competition

Submit an Abstract for the Plenary Speaker and Oral Presentations Competition! The plenary speaker will lead off the evening with a 20 minute talk.  Other oral presentations will have 12 minutes for their talk and 3 minutes for questions. If you only want to be considered for the oral presentations please indicate that in your abstract submission. Please submit your abstracts (200-300 words) to Thomas Schneider by Feb 23rd.

Poster Competition

Registration for the poster competition opens on February 19th. There is an early poster acceptance deadline of March 23rd.  The last date to register for the competition is April 2nd.  The poster presenters will be competing for a monetary award.  The posters are judged by local scientists, potential employers, alumni, and faculty. Please limit poster dimensions to 24 X 36 in. Please contact Andrea Geyer with any questions.

2018 Sign Up to Present a Poster

Poster Formatting 101

Other Displays of Scholarship

Registration for other displays of scholarship opens on February 19th. There is an early acceptance deadline of March 23rd.  The last date to register for REX is April 2nd.   Please contact Andrea Geyer with any questions.

2018 Sign Up to Present other Forms of Scholarship

Creative Writing Panel

The creative writing panel will have an opportunity to share their creative work.  To participate in this panel please submit a sample of creative work to Michael Levan by March 24th.

2018 Research Exhibition Details

This year’s keynote speakers for REX, Lindsay Mathew and Kaitelyn Vachon, kicked off a wonderful evening of celebrating student scholarship which is highlighted in our 2018 Program.  Please see highlights below from our 2018 REX celebration.

Begin End Activities Location
4:15 PM 4:30 PM Registration & Appetizers BUS 305
4:40 PM 4:45 PM Opening Remarks

Introduction of Lindsay Mathew

BUS 314
4:45 PM 5:05 PM Keynote Address #1- Lindsay Mathew BUS 314
5:05 PM 5:15 PM Intermission BUS 301
5:15 PM 5:20 PM Introduction of Kaitelyn Vachon BUS 314
5:20 PM 5:40 PM Keynote Address #2- Kaitelyn Vachon BUS 314
5:50 PM 6:50 PM Oral Presentations BUS 314
5:50 PM 6:50 PM Creative Writing Panel BUS 221
5:50 PM 6:20 PM Even number scholarship presentations BUS 322
6:20 PM 6:50 PM Odd number scholarship presentations BUS 322
7:00 PM 7:30 PM Trivia contest BUS 314
7:30 PM 7:45 PM Poster prizes awarded BUS 314


2017 Research Exhibition Details

The 2017 keynote speakers were Kye Aestlinn and Brian Gabet.  Kye presented a research analysis on LeAnne Howe’s Shell Shaker. Brian Gabet discussed the design and study  of a novel neuroprotection agent.

REX 2017 Outline Flier

Exhibition Details 2017


2016 Research Exhibition Details

The 2016 keynote speaker was Emily Richardson, a senior biology major.  She discussed her work in Florida investigating the bottlenose dolphins in Indian River Lagoon.

2016 Research Exhibition Program

2016 Oral Presentations Schedule and Abstracts

2016 Poster Presentation Program

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Andrea Geyer at