Opportunities to Engage with our Department

Please come join our department in many exciting adventures.  Anyone is welcome to attend these events.  Here are some upcoming events that we would delighted to have you attend:

Date                Event

Sept 22, 2017         *Science Seminar: Hydroponics & Aquaculture Seminar Speaker

Sept 29, 2017         Science Seminar: Fungal Disease in Amphibians

Oct 6, 2017             Science Seminar: Haiti

Oct 13, 2017           Science Seminar: Lab Design 101:The New Achatz Hall of Science

Oct 28, 2017          Ohio Valley Unified Malacologists Regional Meeting

Nov 4, 2017           Science Symposium: High School Scholarship Competition

Nov 8, 2017            Review for the American Mathematics Competition, 6 PM Doer 156

Nov 14, 2017          American Mathematics Competition

Apr  5,  2018          Annual USF Research Exhibition

*All science seminars  take place in the North Campus Auditorium from 12:00 to 12:50 PM.