Andrea Geyer, Ph.D.

2014 Faculty PicChair, Assistant Professor for Chemistry


Hello! I am Andrea Geyer, the chair of the Department of Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics.  Welcome to my bio. Let me tell you a little about my teaching philosophy, classes, and research background.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching is about what I can do to help you along your learning pathway. For me, the classroom is a platform for me to connect with you and every other student that walks through the door. This relationship involves multiple levels of interaction, including:

  • Engaging you in the learning process
  • Challenging you in my classroom and office to encourage you to grow academically, personally and spiritually
  • Guiding you through your undergraduate academic career
  • Mentoring you for life after undergraduate studies
  • Pushing you to dig deeper- to find meaning in chemistry, your life, and the world surrounding you
  • Creating opportunities for research, internships, creativity, and fun
Lead Based Paint Survey of a Local Fort Wayne Neighborhood

Lead Based Paint Survey of a Local Fort Wayne Neighborhood

In my classes you will

  • Challenge one another through role-playing in scientific case studies on a social network platform using your knowledge in chemistry, biology, and other disciplines to bring to light the importance of science literacy throughout society. Personally developed, these case studies were recently highlighted in a Journal of Chemical Education publication.
  • Design and implement a study to collect paint samples for lead (Pb) testing from houses in an at-risk neighborhood with the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health (DOH). You will personally analyze these samples for the presence of Pb with state of the art equipment and report your findings to the DOH.
  • Debate environmental hot topics in front of a panel of scientists, medical specialists, and ethicists.
  • Perform your own research using modern equipment and present the results at local, regional, or national research conferences.
  • And much, much more.
Students Win 3rd Place at American Chemical Society Conference

Students Win 3rd Place at American Chemical Society Conference

My Research:

I specialized in inorganic organometallic chemistry in my doctorate studies at the University of Michigan focusing on the development of catalysts for carbon-carbon triple bond synthesis. Today I perform a broad range of research with a sampling of my projects shown below:

  • Alkyne metathesis in ionic liquids
  • Assessing jewelry, specifically tongue rings, for the presence of toxic metals
  • Analyzing water samples from an imperiled lake
  • Developing teaching methodology that engages students with our Franciscan mission
The Geyer and Pryor Laboratories Present at the Ohio Valley Unified Malacologists Meeting

The Geyer and Pryor Laboratories Present at the Ohio Valley Unified Malacologists Meeting

Students that have worked in my lab have

  • Received top placements in poster competitions at the American Chemical Society
  • Been taped by an emmy-nominated producer for a documentary
  • Presented at conferences in multiple disciplines and in many states
  • Been accepted to graduate programs, medical schools, and jobs in their discipline
  • Completed internships at national laboratories, graduate schools, and potential places of employment

If you want to know more about opportunities in chemistry at the University of Saint Francis or in my research laboratory please contact me at or (260) 399-7700 ext 8225.

Additional Background

Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy – University of Michigan, 2009
  • Master of Science – University of Michigan, 2006


  • Oranometallic chemistry
  • Inorganic chemistry


  • University of Saint Francis Excellence in Service Engagement Faculty/Staff Award, 2016-2017
  • University of Saint Francis Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award, 2013-2014


  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry I
  • Principles of Chemistry II
  • Introductory Chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Chemical Calculations I
  • Chemical Calculations II

Professional Memberships

  • American Chemical Society
  • Indiana Academy of Science


  • Geyer, A.M. (2013). Social Networking as a Platform for Role-playing Scientific Case Studies. Submitted to Journal of Chemical Education.
  • Geyer, A.M., Holland, M.J., Gdula, R.L., Goodman, J.E., Johnson, M.J.A., & Kampf, J.W. (2012). Catalytic Alkyne Metathesis and Stoichiometric Metal-Alkylidyne Formation from N≡Mo(OR)3 Complexes Promoted by Lewis Acids. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 708-709, 1-9.
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  • Geyer, A.M., Gdula, R.L., Wiedner, E.S., & Johnson, M.J.A. (2007). Catalytic Nitrile-Alkyne Cross-Metathesis. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 129, 3800-3801. DOI: 10.1021/ja0693439
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  • “Resuming the Puzzle: Developing a Technique to Estimate the Energy Available to Lampsilis siloquoidea at Crooked Lake, Whitley County, IN,” with A. Meyer and W. Pryor – Ohio Valley Unified Malacologists Regional Meeting; October 2013
  • “An Introduction to e-Portfolios for Promotion and Tenure,” workshop leader with J. Haagen and E. Camara – Faculty Development Day, University of Saint Francis; October 2013
  • “Conducting Appraisal Case Studies in General Chemistry through Social Media” – Central Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society; May 2013
  • “Making Progress: Moving from Theoretical Training to Practical – One Institution’s Implementation of Title III Grant” with S. Coak, M. Reesman, P. Maurizi, M. Klopfer, C. Wade, W. Bodwell and A. Carrigan – National Academy Advising Association Regional Conference; April 2013
  • “Why Fight Facebook? Embracing Social Media to Facilitate Case Studies In Science” – Fort Wayne Teaching Conference; February 2013
  • “Living our Mission through Chemistry: Lead Paint Survey of a Fort Wayne Neighborhood” poster presentation with C. Baumgartner, M. Bessesen, T. Frecker, N. Gregory, J. Heim, S. Heitz, T. Marion, J. Strable and S. Swygart – Midland Local American Chemical Society Meeting; October 2012
  • “Investigating Food Energy Availability to Lampsilis siliquoidia: Combustion Analysis of Plankton in Crooked Lake, Indiana,” poster presentation with A. Taylor and W. Pryor – Midland Local American Chemical Society Meeting; October 2012
  • “The First Time Service Learning Experience: Building, Maintaining, and Expanding Community Partnerships” – Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) North Regional Networking Council Meeting; September 2012
  • “Vernier Probeware- Hands-On Science” – Best Practice Showcase, University of Saint Francis; March 2012
  • “Metathesis of Internal Alkynes with Mo2(OR)6 Complexes: A Method for Accessing Alkylidyne Complexes,” with R.L. Gdula, M.J.A. Johnson and J.W. Kampf – Central Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society; June 2011
  • “Catalysis: It’s Not Easy Being Green,” plenary speaker – Poster Party, University of Saint Francis; February 2011
  • “Development and Investigation of N≡W(OR)3, N≡Mo(OR)3, and Mo2(OR)6 Complexes for Triple-Bond Metathesis,” doctoral defense with M.J.A. Johnson – Ann Arbor, Mich.; December 2008
  • “Lewis Acid Assisted Alkyne Metathesis with Mo-based Catalysts” with M.J.A. Johnson – American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.; October 2008
  • “Synthetic, Mechanistic, and Theoretical Investigations of Nitrile-Alkyne Cross-Methathesis,” poster presentation with E.S. Wiedner, J.B. Gary, R.L. Gdula, N.C. Kuhlmann, M.J.A. Johnson, B.D. Dunietz and J.W. Kampf – American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, Pa.; October 2008
  • “NACM: Reversible Formation of Alkynes from Nitriles,” selected talk with E.S. Wiedner and M.J.A. Johnson – International Symposium on Olefin Metathesis, Pasadena, Calif.; October 2007
  • “Synthetic, Mechanistic, and Kinetic Investigations of Nitrile-Alkyne Cross-Metathesis,” with K. Kuhlmann, M.J.A. Johnson and J.W. Kampf – American Chemical Society National Meeting, Chicago, Ill.; March 2007


  • Analysis of the Energy Content of Crooked Lake (2012-present). This project builds into the research that Mr. Warren Pryor has been conducting on mussels in Crooked Lake for several years. We are interested in investigating the amount of energy that the mussels take in by eating. This can be addressed by determining the energy content of their food supply, which is plankton. Studies in summer 2012 focused on determining the available energy content of the water in Crooked Lake through bomb calorimetry studies of plankton. Studies in summer 2013 focused on determining ash-free dry weight of smaller particle sizes in water collected in the mussel beds. This work was completed in collaboration with undergraduates Ashley Taylor (2012) and Alexandria Meyer (2013).
  • Alkyne Metathesis in Ionic Liquids (2011-present). As concerns for developing a sustainable environment grow both nationally and globally, there is an increasing need to evaluate, improve and/or discontinue existing chemical processes. One green chemistry-based approach to increasing eco-sustainability involves the substitution of room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) for traditional organic solvents. This has the potential to increase the recyclability of the reaction medium while decreasing the release of harmful volatile organic compounds. Research in my lab focuses on the use of ionic liquids as a medium for alkyne metathesis. This work has been completed in collaboration with undergraduates Aaron Weber (2012), Talitha Frecker (2012-2013) and Lauren Mey (2011).
  • Social Media as a Platform for Case Studies in Science (2011-present). This work focuses on investigating the use of Facebook® as a medium for conducting case studies in CHEM 142 Principles of Chemistry II. The case studies are designed to introduce the importance of science literacy in the general public, enhance critical thinking, introduce database searching and improve primary literature reading skills.


  • $600,000 National Science Foundation Grant, Spring 2014
  • Indiana Campus Compact Scholarship of Engagement Faculty Grant, Fall 2012

Community Service

  • Interview by WANE-TV 15: A Chemist’s Response to “Ethanol era comes at a dirty cost” article, 2013
  • Panel member for evaluating presentations on a theoretical scientific dilemma for Eagle Tech High School, 2013
  • Directed discussion panel at Washington Center Elementary on “Science, College, and Beyond,” 2013
  • Made homemade ice cream using dry-ice with preschoolers at Queen of Angels School, 2013
  • Lead-based paint testing of a local Fort Wayne neighborhood, 2012
  • Science research mentor for a Homestead High School student, 2012
  • Volunteer science fair judge at Trine University Regional Science Fair, 2011-2012
  • Three Rivers Science Symposium Director for Chemistry, 2011
  • DePauw University capstone subject, 2011

Curriculum Vitae

View Andrea Geyer’s curriculum vitae.