The Department of Chemistry at the University of Saint Francis is dedicated to preparing you to become a chemical science professional who will take on leadership positions in research, industry, medicine or education. Through interaction and guidance from highly qualified faculty, you will receive an education tailored to your unique needs.

At USF, we know that a successful chemistry career begins with an introduction to the major fields of chemistry. That is why we offer a program that combines classroom and laboratory experiences. You will be required to complete a core curriculum of classes in organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry and research. You will also be able to choose between concentrations in biochemistry or analytical chemistry to best prepare you for the type of career you’d like to pursue. Experiential learning opportunities allow for inquiry, independent research, and collaboration with professors and students. Courses taught in the liberal arts tradition will provide you with an essential foundation of knowledge. The results will allow you to immediately seek employment or pursue graduate-level study in the chemistry field.

Join the Sigma Pi Chemistry Club

Do you like science? How about chemistry? Interested in chemistry-related things not just on campus, but locally and nationally too? If you do, then the Sigma Pi Chemistry Club is for you. Have questions about the club? Contact club advisors Sr. Carol Meyers or Dr. Andrea Geyer.